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MY ROLE - Interaction Designer & UX Researcher


My team and I worked on developing an innovative Virtual Try-On (VTO) experience for ELC. Our main objective was to enhance the makeup experience for consumers by introducing a unique and exciting platform. With the VTO, customers can try different shades, colors, lipstick, and foundation on their virtual image. This feature allows them to find the perfect match for their skin tone and preference. Through this technology, ELC can offer a personalized and immersive experience that engages customers and helps them make informed purchasing decisions.


At the beginning of the VTO project, we identified two key issues that needed to be solved: user privacy and offering a wide variety of products in a one-time shopping experience.


As a team, we brainstormed ways to provide users with a seamless experience that allows them to choose and try different products in real-time. Additionally, we considered the importance of user privacy and how they could select a model with a skin tone that matches their own.

SPP RN Shaded.jpg
SPP Shaded.jpg
Trying the Makeup

Customers can utilize VTO - Try On, a feature that enables them to test products using the live camera function. Alternatively, they can upload one of their own photos or select a model with a similar skin tone for a precise match.

SPP RN Shaded.jpg
iPhone 8 - 15.jpg
Selecting a Skin Tone

Discovering the ideal makeup shade can be challenging, but we simplified the process. The virtual makeup try-on feature enables users to experiment with various shades and textures of makeup products by using models that precisely match their skin tones.

SPP RN Shaded.jpg
iPhone 8 - 7.jpg
Customizing the Product

Before adding a product to their bag, users have the option to preview and customize it.

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iPhone 8 - 9.jpg
Adding more Product

​After trying on one product, users can try on more and add them to the page. This way, users can save time and see all the chosen products before purchasing or keeping the best matches for their shopping experience.

SPP RN Shaded.jpg
iPhone 8 - 10.png
Choosing the Best Match

Users can see all the chosen options on the page and decide which one they like, or they can also add all the selected products, add their bags, and finish the shopping experience.

SPP RN Shaded.jpg
iPhone 8 - 11.jpg

During the project, I closely collaborated with the ELC team and gained a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize the design system and implement design ideas based on previous research findings. In this project, I used Figma, created wireframes and mockups, added icons, organized product information by price, size, and shade name for desktop and mobile, and prototyped and presented for user testing. 


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